Scrapheap Challenge: The Movie

It seems an age ago now but my good friend Dylan has made a short film about the challenge. Hopefully it inspires other people to do something silly to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

At the very least we hope it raises awareness of who they are and what they do.

Find out more over on their website.

This will be the last post on this blog but I’ll leave it here in the hope that anyone who stumbles across it finds it amusing but also finds that it spurs them on to complete their own challenge.

What happened to the bike?

Wall Art

It’s the End of the Road (Thankfully)

Hallelujah! It’s finally over. I managed to complete the ride on 30th November and here is my breakdown of how it happened (with a few lovely pics thrown in for good measure). We have collectively raised a stack of cash for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (over £1100 at time of writing).

There will be a proper video put together by my good friend Dylan and once it’s available I’ll let you know.

There is still time to pledge so if you would you like to support LLR then click here and pledge!

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Bikenstein Lives!

The Proposed Route

Scrapheap Challenge proposed route
Scrapheap Challenge proposed route

I think I now have the route planned for the ride. It’s a little over 50 miles but it takes me away from the majority of the main roads as well as some of the larger climbs between Abergavenny and Cheltenham.

See the full route here.

The pledge total now stands at £980 which is mind-blowingly amazing.

The next person to pledge £20 or more takes us into quadruple figures.

It could be you…

Astounded by Generosity


I am blown away by what’s happened tonight.

Last week I passed the £600 mark in terms of pledges which in and of itself is pretty awesome considering it has been raised by me simply tinkering in the shed.

When I say “I passed” it was, of course, only thanks to the generosity of the people that have pledged.

I thought that I might just make it past £700 by the deadline and that would’ve been spectacular.

But tonight the running total (including cash pressed into my sweaty palms) has passed £800.


Eight hundred pounds.

That is simply amazing.

So thank you for pledging. When I am riding this horrid bike in 10 days time I will be thinking of all of you and the bit you have done to help those effected by blood cancer.

You are amazing.

Power tools, brakes and sparks.

Two videos in three days?


I have been recording clips and failing to edit them together so I’ve pulled my finger out and gone video crazy. Also, sorry about the music – it’s the free stuff in iLife becasue I haven’t got time to trawl for royalty free stuff every time.

Anyway, with all the really mucky stuff out of the way I have been able to get some more of the components onto the frame. However, I ran into a bit of an issue with the controls…

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Can You Spare Me Five Minutes (and a few quid)? PLUS: I have a confession…

Hi there. If you are reading this then I probably know you. I am lucky to be able to say that pretty much everyone I know is a good, caring, sensible, stand-up kind of person. So I am asking you directly (in this slightly passive-aggressive fashion) to pledge some money for this challenge.


Pretty please.

(with a cherry on top)

I know that there are plenty of challenges and that things are a bit tight for most people right now. I get it. But I’m not asking for hundreds of pounds (even though I have some very generous pledgers right now). If you could just forgo one coffee/burger/pint and pledge that money, that would be awesome.

A friend of mine said:

I really don’t know what research costs on an hourly rate, but I imagine it’s bajillions. However, I do think that, at some point, these clever people in their white coats and sterile labs will be just a few pounds away from the one discovery that will change the future for so many people. Perhaps they’ll change it for you, too.

Which sums it up really.

So how about, instead of liking a photo on Facebook to “show that you hate cancer” (these are all scams by the way), you simply click this link, or the image on the right, and pledge a few quid?

You’ll get your name on the bike, my eternal gratitude and that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you helped.

And when I’m riding 50 miles on an awful bike and it’s cold & wet and I’m feeling exhausted, I’ll look down at the frame, see your name and think “Well, they pledged money to help beat blood cancer so I’d blinkin’ well better do my bit.”

And I will.

Will you?

Pledge online to help beat blood cancer.

P.S. I also have to confess to buying some parts for the bike. I know it goes against the challenge ethos but I needed some new brake cables because I didn’t have the right ones in the box of bits. I hope you can forgive me and don’t see this as a direct contravention of the Pledgeit Challenge Act 2013*

*I may have made that up

Cleaning Up My Act (well, it’s about time)

It’s been a while since my last video update. The frame has been painted and some of the names of those who are supporting me have been painted on too (the rest will go on shortly). Now comes the joyous task of cleaning up the parts and trying to get them to work.

The bottom bracket I was planning to use disintegrated in the degreaser so I had to use the backup one which was slightly less rubbish.

I also spent a long time wire-brushing and de-seizing the chain, which I hope will mean that it doesn’t snap when I try to ride the bike.

Would you like to support me (well, really you’re supporting LLR but I’ll be pleased too)?
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